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Customer-centricity Audit

Customer-centricity Audit's provide a way to measure and improve the way in which an organisation manages its most vital assets, its customers.  

Each audit assesses customer-centricity on three levels; strategically in terms of the value a business creates for its customers through its supply and demand chains i.e. its value propositions and network management capability; operationally in terms of how the business acquires, retains and develops customers through a series of customer experiences, its customer management capability; and analytically in terms of the organisations customer knowledge and intimacy, its customer insight capability. 

The analysis of these elements provides the basis for a customer-centricity development roadmap with which the business can improve.

How the audits work...

Phase 1 - Introductory Workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to ensure that the senior management team all understand the importance and the practical requirements of a customer-centric approach, in terms of the key behaviours, operational processes and ongoing initiatives required. The workshop introduces the Customer-centricity Model and the audit process is explained.  

The workshop also enables our consultants to understand the strategic direction of the business, its key operational constraints, its challenges and its key strengths and weaknesses.  

It is vital that the whole senior management team attend this workshop and support the activity.

Phase 2 - Investigation


The investigation phase is completed through a series of interviews, observations, focus groups and desk research.  This enables our consultants to collect evidence of customer-centric capabilities and identify areas for improvement. 

Interviews - These involve discussions with key individuals (we call them boundary spanners) and company executives, in order to obtain both a strategic and an operational interpretation of the businesses customer-centricity.
  Interviews are centred on a series of open questions that support a conversation around customer management and operational performance.

Observations - Our consultants will spend time observing your business in action, spending time in key customer-contact areas understanding the processes in place and any issues or problems that arise.

Focus Groups - The involvement of as many of your boundary spanners in providing insight and detail to the way in which you manage your customers is invaluable.  Focus groups build support and momentum to customer-centric initiatives.

Desk Research - The content of customer feedback forms and customer comments provide invaluable insight into how well a company is performing.  These also provide an historical record of changes in customer perception.

More advanced audits may also include customer and supplier interviews to triangulate the evidence and obtain the 'voice of the customer' into the analysis.

Phase 3 - Reporting and Roadmapping


The final phase of the customer-centricity audit is the presentation of results and the formation of a development roadmap. 

This workshop addresses all areas of the organisations customer-centric capabilities and focuses in particular on areas for improvement.  Those areas where improvement and development are required are prioritised as short, medium and long term (0-3 months, 3-6 months and 6-12 months respectively) priorities with business owners and included in the roadmap.  

Progression against the roadmap can then 
be assessed periodically to ensure that customer-centricity is developing.  It is advised that internal customer champions are developed to complete this activity as it reduces the need for external support and builds internal competence.  Details on our customer champion training can be found here.


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